Fall 2016 seminars

Unless noted otherwise, all seminars are on Tuesdays in Room SPL 52 at 3:30pm.

Clicking on “more info” leads to the physics department calendar entry and includes an abstract when one has been provided.

Date Speaker (Affiliation) and Title
Sep 6 Michael Dine (UCSC): Revisiting some questions about QCD at Large N:  $\theta$ and the $\eta^\prime$ (more info)
Sep 13 Apratim Kaviraj (IIS) (more info)
Sep 20  
Sep 27  
Oct 4 Liam Fitzpatrick (BU) “On Information Loss in AdS3/CFT2” (more info)
Oct 11 Walter Tangarife (Tel Aviv U) “Relaxed Inflation” (more info)
Oct 18  
Oct 25  
Nov 1 Massimo Porrati (NYU) (more info)
Nov 8

Dan Roberts (IAS) “Chaos and complexity by design” (more info)

Nov 15

Greg Moore (Rutgers) “Three Projects Using Lattices, Modular Forms, K3-Surfaces,
And String Theory” (more info)

Nov 22 Thanksgiving Break
Nov 29 Agnese Bissi (Harvard) (more info)
Dec 6

Sergei Dubovsky (Perimeter) “Yang-Mills Glueballs as Closed Bosonic Strings” (more info)

Dec 8

Xiaochuan Lu (UC Davis) (Note this is a Thursday) “Scale Anomalies in Conformal Field Theory” (more info)

Dec 13

Mario Martone (Cincinnati) “Understanding the landscape of N=2 Super-conformal field theories” (more info)