Spring 2017 seminars

Unless noted otherwise, all seminars are on Tuesdays in Room SPL 52 at 3:30pm.

Clicking on “more info” leads to the physics department calendar entry and includes an abstract when one has been provided.

Date Speaker (Affiliation) and Title
Feb 21

Chris Murphy (BNL), B-decay Anomalies in a Composite Leptoquark Model (more info)

Feb 28

Raju Venugopalan (BNL), “The chiral anomaly, Berry’s phase and chiral kinetic theory from world-lines in quantum field theory” (more info)

Mar 7 John Donoghue (Amherst)
Mar 14 (Spring break)
Mar 21 (More spring break…how posh)
Mar 28

Jiang-Hau Yu (Amherst) “Nature of Higgs Boson: Little Hierarchy, Vacuum Stability and Electroweak Phase Transition” (more info)

Apr 4

Mikhail Isachenkov (Weizmann) (more info)

Apr 6

Clay Cordova (IAS) (more info)

Apr 11

Ben Safdi (MIT) “New directions in the search for ultra-heavy and ultra-light dark matter” (more info)

Apr 17

Aneesh Manohar (UCSD) “How Bright is the Proton? A Precise Determination of the Photon PDF.” (more info)

Apr 18

Zuhair Khandker (UIUC) “RG Flow from phi^4 Theory to the 2D Ising Model” (more info)

Apr 25

Hong Liu (MIT) “The second law of thermodynamics from unitarity and symmetry” (more info)

Mar 2

Kurt Hinterbichler (Case Western) “Massive and Partially Massless Gravity” (more info)

Mar 4

Lasha Berezhiani (Princeton) “Superfluid Dark Matter” (more info)