Unless noted otherwise, all seminars are on Tuesdays in Room SPL 52 at 4pm.

Clicking on “more info” leads to the physics department calendar entry and includes an abstract when one has been provided.

Date Speaker (Affiliation) and Title
Sep 5  
Sep 12 Valentina Prilepina (UC Davis) “Weyl vs. Conformal Invariance in Quantum Field Theory: Are They Equivalent?”
Sep 19

Subham Duttachowdhury (Indian Institute Of Science) (more info)

Sep 26 Austin Joyce (Columbia) “Massive spin-2 scattering amplitudes and asymptotic superluminality” (more info)
Oct 3 Huajia Wang (UIUC) “Quantum information, causality and constraints on QFTs” (more info)
Oct 10 Matt Reece (Harvard) (more info)
Oct 17 Lasma Alberte (ICTP) “Equivalence principle in scalar-tensor theories” (more info)
Oct 24 Zohar Komargodski (Weizmann Institute) (more info)
Oct 31 Prateek Agrawal (Harvard) (more info)
Nov 7 Sandipan Kundu (JHU) (more info)
Nov 14  
Nov 21 (Thanksgiving holiday)
Nov 28 Claire Zukowski (Columbia) (more info)
Dec 5 Kohsaku Tobioka (Stony Brook) (more info)
Dec 12 Oren Slone (Princeton) (more info)